Special Packaging

MEDCITY PHARMACYoffers special packaging for medications that are customized to the patientís needs. Medications can be packaged in 7 day (weekly) blister packs or 30-day (monthly) blister packs. This special type of packaging allows the patient to better manage his or her medication plan. Each package is clearly marked with the patientís name and the medications contained in the pack.

In addition to customized blister packs, we can also design medication sets. This is ideal if the patient needs to take more than one medication at a time. This type of packaging can be used by individual patients or as a medication disbursement system for nursing homes, group homes, assisted living homes, and other similar settings. The medication sets ensure that the patient takes the right dosage or the right medications at a given time.

For more customized packaging options, please call our pharmacy at 904-432-3810.