Compounding is a service that is done by qualified pharmacists.The medications that are mixed and created according to the specialized needs of the patient. However, the medication that they mix and create needs to follow the specification and prescription issued by a reliable healthcare professional.Compounds are technically made up of two or more elements. If we look at the simpler things in life, we can determine different compounds around us. For example, water is a compound made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Table salt is composed of one sodium atom and one chloride atom. We apply the principles mentioned above in compounding.As simple as it is, compounding has made it easier for patients to have their medication customized for their specific needs. Compounding techniques have improved and evolved overtime.With the advancement of medical technology today, there is an endless list of possibilities that patients and physicians can take advantage of.Changing capsule forms to syrup, adding flavors to bitter tasting medication for children, customizing the dosage to fit the patient…these are only some of the advantages that compounding puts forward.

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