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463688 SR 200,
Suite # 6
Yulee, FL 32097
phone      Phone:   904-432-3810
Fax:       904-432-3811

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About Us

For many years now, MEDCITY PHARMACY has served countless clients and partnered with numerous physicians. We've disbursed medications, healthcare supplies and generic products that allow patients to effectively manage their health. While we mostly capitalize in the delivery of individual orders from private clients, we also cater to bulk orders from nursing homes, clinics, senior care facilities, hospitals and rehabilitation centers all over Yulee, Florida.

Our Mission
We want our customers to experience the utmost personalized customer care they can get. It is our mission to achieve their satisfaction. In the pursuit of full customer satisfaction, we provide quality medications, over-the-counter drugs, generic drugs, healthcare supplies, medical equipment and other healthcare necessities at a fair price.

Our Staff
imagesThe MEDCITY PHARMACY staff assembles Yulee's most qualified pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians. It is our great pride to have competent people in our team. They help us fulfill the needs of our clients in providing personalized service fit for the patient based on their physician's specifications. We are able to easily communicate with physicians in the healthcare network because this is part of our practice where we display efficiency, integrity and a full commitment to the health and wellness of our patients.

Non-Discrimination Policy
At MEDCITY PHARMACY, we are an equal opportunity service provider. We do not exercise discrimination on our customers based on sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, ethnic background and payment method.